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In our tools area you will find some of the very tools we use in our shop servicing our customers equipment.  We normally haven't stocked these items in the past but have been getting more requests for them as more and more people join in on the tractor collecting hobby.  Here you can find some common and also some of the more specialized tools needed for working on small engines.  Some examples of items you'll find here are: Engine Valve Refacer; Thread Chasers for spark plug holes; Ignition System Testers; Wireless Tachometer; Throttle & Choke Cable Bender and much more. Like in our parts listings, if there is a tool you need that you don't see listed feel free to email us and we'll see if we can get it for you.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Description: BATTERY TESTER DELUXE STYLE Specs: Handy pocket sizeEasy to use tester to check 12 volt battery and generator systemsFive stage...

Max: 10
BELT MEASURER for FHP, power rated, A and B belts up to 100"
Description: BELT MEASURER     Specs: An excellent tool in determining the replacment belt needed Measures FHP, power rated,...

Units:  2
Max: 8
Bench Type Chain Saw Chain Breaker Tool 1/4" to 404 PITCH
Description: BENCH CHAIN BREAKER 1/4" TO 404 PITCH     Specs: Chain size 1/4 to .404 pitch Moveable anvil Cast iron...

Max: 6
Blade Balancer MAG 1000
  Description Blade Balancer MAG-1000  

Units:  2
Max: 4
Description: BREAK-N-MEND CHAIN SAW CHAIN REPAIR TOOL Specs: Breaks chain and re-spins rivets on or off saw Adjustable anvils to fit all chain...

Units:  2
Max: 6
Briggs & Stratton 19069 replacement Flywheel Puller
Description: FLYWHEEL PULLER Replaces (OEM): BRIGGS & STRATTON 19069 Fits Models: BRIGGS & STRATTON 130000-190000 Specs: ...

Units:  4
Max: 10
Description: FLYWHEEL HOLDER Replaces (OEM): BRIGGS & STRATTON 19167 Specs: Holds flywheel for removal of Briggs & Stratton starter...

Sold Out
Units:  2
Max: 6
Carburetor and Crankcase Pressure Gauge, Pumps Up to 14 PSI
Description Carburetor and Crankcase Pressure Gauge Replaces OEM:   Fits Models:   Specs: Pumps up to...

Units:  2
Max: 6
Carburetor Pressure Guage for Small engines Briggs & Stratton
Description Carburetor Pressure Gauge Replaces OEM:   Fits Models:   Specs: Detects leaks on rebuilt...

Units:  2
Max: 6
Chain Grinder Jolly Star Wall / Bench Mount, All Size Chains
escription Chain Grinder Jolly Star Replaces OEM:   Fits Models:   Specs: Large fan and aluminum fins cool...

Units:  2
Max: 4

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